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BREAKING: Airbnb Discriminates Against Conservative Activists



Airbnb thought they could pull a fast one on a conservative activist, but they messed up big time.

Apparently, Airbnb “accidentally” banned a couple just because their daughter happens to be a right-wing activist and YouTuber, Lauren Southern.

Can you even imagine?

The company sent an email to her parents, letting them know that their days of booking with Airbnb were over because they were “closely associated” with THEIR OWN DAUGHTER.

What is this, the mafia? They can’t even book a vacation because they speak to their child.

Southern has previously caused a stir as a “conservative extremist,” previously working for Canada’s Rebel News. She was even banned from the UK because they’re so intimidated by free speech.

Lauren isn’t intimidated by any of that, though.

So, when Airbnb banned her parents for simply being related to her, she took to Twitter to give them a piece of her mind.

Airbnb reversed the decision shortly after her tweets, claiming the whole thing was an unintentional error.

Lauren isn’t playing around and isn’t taking their “mistake” seriously. In her words, they’re trying to clean up their bad PR, but the truth is, they just miscalculated how far they could go.

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