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BREAKING: Did Project Veritas Really Boot Founder James O’Keefe? 



According to breaking reports from ‘Old Row Swig’ (Swig) the founder of the popular Old Row conservative brand, James O’Keefe has been put on indefinite leave from Project Veritas and has been stripped of all authority. 

According to Swig and his sources, the Project Veritas (PV) board of directors spent over six hours with O’Keefe after they had received complaints from employees of PV about O’Keefe’s allegedly abusive behavior as boss. According to Swig’s source, the board ‘discussion’ with O’Keefe was akin to a “kangaroo” court or something from the Stalin regime where O’Keefe was essentially accused and berated with no opportunity to truly defend his position. 

However, according to some reports, O’Keefe was excessively punitive to certain employees as well as verbally abusive and otherwise improper in regard to workplace behavior. The employee allegations reference fairly alarming (editorial: albeit fairly standard for the toxic industry that is politics) incident including spitting in the face of a staff member. The reportedly 16 employees who signed onto the memo to the board of directors detailing concerns with O’Keefe’s leadership indicated morale was at an all time low following December layoffs and routine berating by O’Keefe. They describe him as increasingly paranoid, subjecting leadership on his staff to lie detector tests.

Further, they claim O’Keefe’s pursuit of theater was tantamount to improper use of funds and largely intended to stroke his vanity. Allegedly O’Keefe spent tens of thousands of donor funds staging shows and starring in local productions of Musicals such as Oklahoma. According to reports, donors to PV were becoming increasingly dissatisfied with these decisions and with O’Keefe’s ego. 

Despite the complaints from some employees, Swig’s source claims that the majority of the team at Project Veritas are still loyal to O’Keefe and are not supportive of the alleged board decision to remove him as head of the organization.

O’Keefe’s deep network of supporters have been quick to weigh in along with Swig showing solidarity with O’Keefe. Many are pointing out that O’Keefe literally is PV and there would be no PV without his innovation and courage no matter what his or the accusations may be. 

 As of the time of this article, neither PV nor O’Keefe have given an official statement on this issue other than that O’Keefe is on temporary paid leave.