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BREAKING: Did This Hollywood Celeb Just Drop Some REFRESHING TRUTHBOMBS About Race Politics?



If you haven’t already heard, the one and only Idris Elba has taken the stage and dropped some major truth bombs about race politics.

And let me tell you, it’s so damn refreshing to hear.

We live in a world where it seems like the word “race” is thrown around more times than “trendy” or “millennial.” Though I am constantly trying to tip the scales on that one.

It’s almost like it’s become a new form of currency, a way to get attention and spread division.

But Idris isn’t here for that. He’s here to tell us that we need to grow.

“As humans, we are obsessed with race,” Idris says. “And that obsession can really hinder people’s aspirations, hinder people’s growth.”

And he’s right. How many times have we heard people say “I can’t believe it’s still a thing in 2023”? But it is, and it’s up to us to change that.

Idris goes on to say that “racism is real and it should be a topic for discussion, but that it’s only as powerful as we allow it to be. We’ve got to grow. We’ve got to. Our skin is no more than that: it’s just skin.”

So here’s to Idris, who’s schooling us all on the importance of growth, understanding, and moving beyond the obsession with race. We could all learn a thing or two from him.

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