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Rihanna’s Performance Was Actually Completely Fine So Get Over It



Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m tired of all the shade being thrown around about Rihanna’s Super Bowl halftime performance.

If you were looking for controversy, you definitely didn’t find it this halftime show.

Rihanna didn’t talk politics. She didn’t throw shade. In fact, it was one of the tamest Super Bowl halftime shows of all time. (She did NOT perform Pon De Replay which was really a let-down, but you know what, I’ll still take the whole thing as a win.)

Now, I get it, not everyone is a fan of Rihanna’s politics. They actually suck and I get that.

And sure, the show could’ve been fierier. Could’ve been more bold.

But the truth is that it was perfectly FINE.

To pretend like her performance was some kind of provocative, eyebrow-raising spectacle is just ridiculous.

If you didn’t like it, just say you didn’t like it. (That’s what Trump did!) But don’t try and make it something that it is NOT.

Let’s get real here, the Super Bowl halftime show is meant to entertain millions of people all across the world. And let me tell you, Rihanna accomplished that. She brought out her hit list, had little dancing oompa loompas everywhere, and showed the world how capable and powerful a pregnant mama can be. The whole thing could be a pro-life moment of victory if we let it!

So, let’s stop trying to make this controversial. Let’s just enjoy the performance for what it was: totally ALRIGHT.

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