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BREAKING: Will Project Veritas Survive Without James O’Keefe? 



Following the wild story broken by OldRowSwig on Twitter regarding James O’Keefe being forced out of Project Veritas by the board over, allegedly, abuse of employees and misappropriation of donor funds, James O’Keefe has left Project Veritas. O’Keefe has stressed he did not resign despite Project Veritas claiming that he did so. His loyal supporters across the conservative marketplace of thought are highly suspect that he “resigned” on his own volition and was not ultimately forced out considering the early insider insights and stories of 6 hour disciplinary sessions and that O’Keefe himself says he did not do so. 

Regardless of whether or not O’Keefe left on his own or was forced out, abused employees or didn’t, the situation seems to many, including Free Press Fail, that Project Veritas and James O’Keefe are inextricable. The question hangs in the air: will Project Veritas survive without James O’Keefe? 

Since the news broke that O’Keefe has been formally ousted, Project Veritas has lost about 300,000 followers and for several hours lost 1,000 followers per minute. The follower count is, at the time, of this article about 1.2 million which is down from 1.5 on February 8 and down from 1.47 on Monday February 20. At the time of this article, according to Social Blade which is a site that monitors twitter followers, Project Veritas was losing about a follower per second if not more. The hemorrhage of public support is not a good sign for the organization, though, organizations have survived these kinds of public movements. 

Additionally, James O’Keefe posted a video essentially whistleblowing on the organization itself. The irony is truly palpable. What O’Keefe was able to expose was undercover video, and text exchanges that certainly point to an organized effort to oust him as leader and figurehead. It seems clear that Project Veritas forgot that James O’Keefe was the king of exposing people.

Further, it doesn’t seem like a total coincidence that all of the “conservative influencers” backing the Project Veritas board over James O’Keefe are the same ones who have been anti-Trump totally skewing his record on COVID along with the liberal media and pushing the imaginary Ron DeSantis 2024 movement. It’s salient that these individuals are all echoing the same talking points because it does not go unnoticed and it’s starting to become very clear that people who are associated with truth, and therefore Donald Trump, are being targeted. Almost as though it is an organized effort that is much larger than James O’Keefe. And if this isn’t the case, these “conservative influencers” using the exact same words, tactics and bad liberal media articles to try to discredit Trump and now dying on their sword against O’Keefe really make it seem organized.

Project Veritas put out a statement on O’Keefe’s departure that sought to outline the facts which lead O’Keefe to leave his post on his own volition whilst also trying to vilify him as an irresponsible caretaker of the organization. Many do not think the explanation holds a ton of water in terms of the severity of the current outcome. 

While it is unknown how the departure of O’Keefe will or has impacted Project Veritas financially, it is very clear that it will never be the organization it once was. If it survives, it will be backed by the same people who believe election fraud isn’t real, and that the “party has moved on” from Donald Trump which is to say it will not be an organization dedicated to truth.  

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