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Most Baffling Moments At The BAFTAs



This weekend was the British Academy Film Awards (BAFTAs) which are supposedly as prestigious as the Academy Awards but lol not really (USA! USA! USA!). Like all award ceremonies lately, the ratings are down and the public has lost all faith leaving them open to confusion, antics and bizarre gimmicks. 

Here are the most baffling moments of this years’ BAFTAs: 

Arianna DeBose did a really, deeply, unfortunate rap about leading ladies that no one liked: 

The feedback on this truly very stupid idea has been so bad that Arianna (Academy Award winner from West Side Story) has left Twitter over it. But really it is the fault of the BAFTA producers and directors. 

An all white group of winners 

I personally do not think that race should be a factor ever when considering the merit of someone’s performance whether that is in film, work, school or life but Hollywood (including British “Hollywood”) really does always seem to think that everyone is racist but them. So it’s pretty funny that they 100% white winners (even if those winners are deserving) across 49 categories (despite 40% of nominees belonging to an ethnic minority group). So now the progressives are mad at the progressives and I enjoy that so much. 

There were two nominees for Best Supporting Actress named essentially “Care-ee” (Carey Mulligan for She Said and Kerry Condon for Banshees of Inisherin) and the wrong named got called for the winner 

It appears that Academy Award winner Troy Kostur (won for his role in CODA but also just recently performed the National Anthem at the Super Bowl) announced “Kerry Condon” in sign language but his interpreter jumped the gun upon interpreting the word “Kerry” and thought Mulligan was the one with the “K” name. The appropriate winner was corrected by Kostur and his interpreter before Mulligan could leave her seat so it wasn’t as disastrous as the La La Land incident of 2017 but come on people. 

Princess Kate and Prince William were there

I just think it’s fun that they were invited the same weekend the Harry and Meghan South Park episode came out. Nothing has been better for Will and Kate’s PR than Harry and Meghan crying about them all the time. 

BAFTA Host Richard Grant rolled up to the awards in the Batmobile dawned in a big Batmanesque cape 

It was fun. He also made a pretty funny joke about no one getting slapped. A rich jerk slapping a comedian on stage at a Golden Statue party will literally never get old and no one should ever stop talking about it. 

There you have it! Keep up with the Conservative Critic as the real Academy Awards approach for predictions and more. 

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