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Trump Derangement Syndrome

The Libs Are Big Mad That Trump Went to East Palestine! Here Are Their Wildest Reactions



In the midst of a massive environmental crisis impacting the air and water in East Palestine, Joe Biden is across the world caring 0%. His cabinet official who would be in charge of the subject matter, Pete Buttigieg, can’t even be bothered to answer questions about East Palestine. So needless to say, the libs were fully triggered when President Donald Trump arrived in East Palestine on Trump Force One looking extremely Presidential. 

Here are the most triggered liberals who would literally rather people poison themselves than accept clean water donations and aid from President Trump. 

I don’t like to pick favorite flippant douche wagons but if I did pick a favorite: 

This bebe who thinks they know how trains work and that “told you so” will clean the water of East Palestine 

This Mr. Specialpants who cares more about the name of the plane than the water and supplies it carried to East Palestine 

This creative genius made (or reposted IDK) a pretty funny graphic and possibly pitched the plotline of a decent Shark thriller. Didn’t seem to care much about the people of East Palestine but still. 

This lady hater (a lady who hates not a hater of ladies I assume) who is very worried that people might take pictures of the people of East Palestine getting the water and aid that Joe Biden denied them 

This morally righteous gentlefinger who thinks the people of East Palestine should “stop whining.” 

This precious gigglepants making a reference to the last time Joe Biden (then as Vice President) failed to manage an environmental crisis but somehow thinking it was a Trump reference

This comedienne extraordinaire who wow what a good and clever joke he made and didn’t even mention boring East Palestine 

This emotional princess whose emojis ironically indicates that flying to Ohio is pretty easy…ya hear that Joe Biden???

This regulatory expert who thinks the basic essential needs of the people of East Palestine as “bull sh*t” 

This precious cap wearing Dr. Joy who thinks helping people is pathetic 

It’s going to be okay libs! The big bad orange man is back to fix everything while you yell and cry about it! It’s the good times again!

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