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BREAKING: Biden’s New Immigration Plan Is Absolutely Trash 



President Biden is trying to sneak in more immigrants through the back door. 

In case you haven’t heard, the Biden regime recently launched a program that allows migrants from Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, and Haiti to apply for asylum from their home countries and then be brought into the U.S. “legally.” 

But let’s be real, this is just a sneaky way to increase immigration without actually addressing the issue at hand.

The Biden administration is claiming victory because the number illegal immigrants encountered at the southern border decreased by 37.9% from the previous month, but the truth is that it doesn’t mean there are fewer illegals coming into the country. 

They’re just finding a new way to come in!

And let’s not forget that many of these VCNH migrants are skipping over other countries on their way to the U.S. So it’s pretty clear that they’re not necessarily trying to escape their country but rather specifically want to get to the U.S.

He is absolutely abusing the power to grant “humanitarian parole” for asylum as a way to push his insane open borders policies. 

Asylum was never meant for economic migrants. It was meant for people fleeing war, famine, and other disasters. But who cares about following the rules, right?

It’s pretty obvious that Biden doesn’t actually care about reducing illegal immigration. He just cares about the optics and political backlash of having illegals flooding across the border. And this new policy is just another example of that. Instead of actually addressing the issue and finding a real solution, he’s just trying to get those illegals into the country in a much quieter way.

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