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HAHA! Saturday Night Live Has Officially TRIGGERED Snowflakes With This



Oh, snap! It looks like Woody Harrelson has rustled some feathers on SNL by daring to criticize the media and government’s response to COVID.

You know you’ve struck a nerve when the snowflakes come out in full force against you. See what made them so upset!

But honestly, what did these delicate babies expect? This is SNL we’re talking about, not Sesame Street. Everything is fair game.

It’s not like Woody Harrelson was spouting some crazy conspiracy theory, either. He was just pointing out the absurdity of the lockdowns and the way the media has been fear-mongering about COVID vaccine. 

And let’s be real, everything he said was entirely true. 

So to all the snowflakes out there who can’t handle a little bit of criticism, I have a suggestion: grow up. And in the meantime, I’ll be over here enjoying some good old-fashioned SNL humor. It’s so rare these days!