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BREAKING: The Latest Protest Outside Of SCOTUS Is A Huge Waste Of Time



The dramatic liberals are at it again.

This time staging a protest outside the Supreme Court demanding student loan forgiveness. 

Now, don’t get me wrong… in the era of trillion dollar budgets and unlimited funds to Ukraine, I am all for easing the burden of student debt. DON’T @ ME. We are all paying for it anyway and I would rather help Americans than corrupt idiots who manufacture weapons or coach corporate rejects on green energy compliance. 

That being said…

These protests are ridiculous.

First of all, protesting outside the Supreme Court? What do they think they’re going to accomplish? The Supreme Court is not in charge of student loan forgiveness. Maybe they should be protesting outside of Congress or the White House, or even the Department of Education instead of wasting their time and energy outside of a building that has nothing to do with their cause.

Secondly, these protesters are so misguided in their messaging. They’re not demanding access to equal forgiveness – like the kind the government willingly gives corporations. They’re not making an economic argument that suggests our country would benefit more if student loan payers had increased funds to invest in the market. They’re not even appealing to those who might have sympathy for students who were manipulated by a broken, predatory system that continues to exploit young people for the monetary gain of bureaucrats and academic elites. 

They are just demanding FREE SCHOOL. 

No one is moved by that. No one likes that. And no one is going to think the The Supreme Court should tell America to write a blank check to an unknown number of students without fixing any of the issues that led to this crisis to begin with. 

These protesters are playing right into the hands of the most stingy conservative who believes any discussion of student loan forgiveness is for greedy children only. 

The protests are just another example of the entitlement culture we live in. 

Instead of having a real conversation, they’re just shouting at THE WRONG BRANCH of the government begging them to solve their problems. Maybe it’s time for them to put down the signs and pick up a job to pay off their own debts cause they’re never gettin anywhere with this BS.