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BREAKING: Did DeSantis Just BLOW IT With The Republican Base?



Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is really missing out this week by ditching the country’s conservative activists, choosing to skip CPAC.

“We invited Ron DeSantis to come. He’s been a friend to CPAC. He’s spoken at CPAC before. Look, I think for DeSantis it’s a missed opportunity for him not to be at CPAC,” Mrs. Schlapp, senior fellow at the CPAC Foundation, told The Washington Times. 

“This is CPAC. It is the heart of the movement. This is where all the grassroots activists come from all over the country. And they want to hear from the leaders of our party.”

 Apparently, Ron has other plans. Instead of CPAC, he will be attending a private event in Florida hosted by an anti-Donald Trump group.


Honestly, it’s a real shame that DeSantis is choosing to isolate the base. His camp continues to argue that Ron is “Trump without the negatives!” But he can’t be Trump without the base. He can’t win without us.

But you won’t see me crying over this.

I mean, who needs Ron to be at CPAC, the heart of the conservative movement, when he can be hanging out with a bunch of Trump haters, right?

We’re not going to lose sleep over it. 

After all, former President Trump will be speaking at CPAC on Saturday, and that’s all the excitement we need!