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LOL! Cori Bush Freaks Out And Calls A Committee Witness Racist



Oh, honey, it seems like the House committee on fossil fuels was quite the drama-filled event. Democratic Missouri Rep. Cori Bush really let loose, accusing one of the witnesses of being a racist. Yikes!

Bush began her statement by bashing the oil industry, but then quickly turned her attention to an unidentified witness. She slammed House Republicans for inviting “for-profit think tanks and oil-titans” that supposedly care only about making money at the expense of minority communities. A truly interesting take I had not heard until today.

And then, to top it all off, Bush accused one of the “energy experts” of being a white supremacist. Colorado Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert wasn’t having any of it and demanded that Bush’s words be taken down. (LOL! I love her.)

Boebert then asked the chairman whether it’s appropriate for ranking members to show respect to the witnesses present in the room. Uh, yeah, that seems like a fair request to me.

But, of course, Bush wasn’t finished yet. She continued rambling on some nonsense for several minutes!


Another day, another dramatic political showdown with democrats doing nothing but calling people racist.

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