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WOW! China’s Latest Deal Is A Terrible Sign For The USA! See Why



Look at who’s playing politics with the Middle East now that the United States is too weak and incompetent to do anything about it…

It’s China.

That’s right.

Over the weekend, Iran and Saudi Arabia announced that they’re re-establishing diplomatic relations, and who do you think brokered the deal? Not the United States, because Joe Biden was probably busy napping or something.

It was China. What a flex.

For decades, the U.S. was the power broker of the Middle East, but now China is stepping in to make a deal between our enemy, Iran, and one of our most strategic “allies,” Saudi Arabia. It’s a huge snub by Saudi Arabia and a clear indication that China is ready to assert its power on the world stage.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and look at the history of the Saudi-Iran beef. Back in 2016, they cut ties after the Saudi embassy in Tehran was overrun during protests over the Saudi regime executing a prominent Shiite Muslim cleric. (Saudis are mostly Sunni Muslim, for those keeping score at home.)

So how did this deal go down? Chinese President Xi Jinping recommended the idea when he visited Saudi Arabia in December, and representatives from Saudi Arabia and Iran hammered out the details behind closed doors in Beijing. The deal includes Iran pledging to stop attacks against Saudi Arabia, re-opening embassies on each other’s soil, and holding a summit soon to finalize the details.

But why would Saudi Arabia, our multi-decade ally, do this deal with China? Relations between the U.S. and the Saudis have been strained under Biden – remember when he called the Saudi prince a “pariah” during the 2020 campaign? The Saudis are probably doing this to strong-arm the U.S. into providing them with more security commitments.

During President Trump’s term in office, he successfully isolated Iran by negotiating historic peace agreements (the Abraham Accords) between Israel and several Arab nations. Saudi Arabia was set to sign the accord too, but when Trump was ousted, they backed away.

Now, we’re witnessing the beginning of a new Eurasian alliance between America’s greatest enemies, led by China.

Biden has already pushed the Russians into the arms of the Chinese, which allies the world’s largest landmass and most nukes (Russia) with the world’s largest population and soon-to-be-largest economy (China). And now, potentially, the world’s largest oil exporter (Saudi Arabia) could join that alliance.

It’s all-around bad geopolitics by Biden.

These are dark times.

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