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Aaron Rodgers is leaving Green Bay (maybe) and here are his finest moments



Aaron Rodgers has been with the quarterback and frontman for the Green Bay Packers since 2008 and he’s been on the team since 2005. A lot has changed in the two decades since Rodgers and Green Bay have been synonymous and the iconic footballer has given us a lot more than touchdowns. Rodgers’ status has reached far beyond the field and truly he has become a shining beacon of American pop culture and staple of the great state of Wisconsin. 

As Rodgers potentially heads to New Jersey to suit up for the Jets, let’s look at his greatest moments in a timeline that will show you how very long he’s been a Packer.

When then Senator Obama accepted his nomination for President from the Democratic party, Aaron Rodgers was being heckled by six year-olds for his first practices as Packers QB 

It’s sort of insane to think about pre-Obama America. Also people got hella mean about Aaron and look really stupid now. That 6 year old who told him he sucks is probably working at a gas station. 

When Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 was released to theaters and Kristin Stewart was still a thing with Robert Pattinson, consumers were also introduced to Aaron’s Discount Double Check for the first time. 

The State Farm Discount Double Check featuring Aaron Rodgers was a major phenom of its time. Much like the Twilight youths. Remember Taylor Lautner? He’s married to someone else also named Taylor now. Aaron Rodgers also went to the Super Bowl in 2011 which feels notable.

A few months before the word was set ablaze with Psy’s Gangnam Style, Aaron Rodgers was gracing the covering of Sports Illustrated and opening a restaurant in Milwaukee called 8-12 

The restaurant was originally a partnership with Brewers player Ryan Braun who was suspended later that year for using steroids. It was renamed Hom Wood. But still pretty cool A-Rod (not that one). The restaurant isn’t open anymore. But if we’re honest don’t we kind of miss Psy? 

That time we were all going absolutely insane with the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – Aaron Rodgers was iconically tweeting about South Park and coming out as “not gay.” 

I’m glad ALS finally raised some awareness and money but wtf was wrong with us honestly? Also the hilarious and not PC even for 2014 gay rumors about Aaron Rodgers really, what a classic era. 

When President Trump was mere months from winning the election, Aaron Rodgers was golfing with outgoing President Obama 

Unbelievable that it’s been almost eight years since the great triumph of President Donald J. Trump. Aaron on the other hand is an avid golfer to this day. He’s actually won more golfing tournaments than football prizes. 

When most of us were a couple of months into shutting down the entire world for COVID, Aaron Rodgers was blowing all of our minds by dating Shailene Woodley 

Shailene and Aaron felt like such a weird couple but we were all still sad when they broke up last year. We were not sad that COVID lockdowns finally ended and Twitter was taken over by someone who didn’t censor only conservative accounts. Pre-Elon Twitter seems like another lifetime. 

When Harry and Meghan were just beginning their “leave us alone world tour and festival in 3D,” Aaron Rodgers was not vaccinated 

Just when Harry and Meghan sat down with Oprah to begin their years long tour begging us to leave them alone and stop being so racist, Aaron Rodgers was telling reporters that he was immunized and wouldn’t be getting a vaccine just because of “woke culture.” Icon.

Here’s to all your future endeavors Aaron Rodgers! 

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