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WOW! Jim Jordan DESTROYS The Anti-Science Bureaucrats In Just One Minute



Did you see the epic moment from yesterday’s Covid hearing where Rep. Jim Jordan absolutely demolished every anti-science bureaucrat who has pushed COVID lies these past 3 years?

Jordan brought up some hard-hitting questions and statements, accusing Dr. Fauci of being “consistently wrong” throughout the pandemic, pointing out that anyone who brought up the actual truth was persecuted, and our society suffered because of it!

It was clear that Jordan was there to prosecute the case against Dr. Fauci and his allies, and he did not hold back.

What do you think? Did he make a strong case?

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  3. Joe

    March 9, 2023 at 3:57 pm

    Dr. Fraudci was a lying,arrogant,narcistic,dirty,rat for the government.He had the power to shut down everything,and he did.A good share of the time what he said was wrong,and proven wrong.Yet people and the president still listen to this lying fool,which cost a more,restrictions that never worked. this pathetic,sick,dr. needs to held accountable for his lies and cover=ups that killed many people.This phony,dr did horrible experiments,and tortured many animals, dogs,monkeys, he needs to be held accountable,for torturing of animals

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