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BREAKING: Biden Declares War On American Gun Owners



President Joe Biden is at it again with his anti-gun agenda.

Not only did he implement a new series of gun control measures through executive order, the Biden administration is also proposing to increase the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives’ (ATF) budget to $1.9 billion in fiscal year 2024.

That’s a whopping $663 million increase in funding compared to the previous highest amount they received at the end of the Obama administration’s fiscal year 2017 budget.

So, Biden doesn’t respect your Second Amendment, and now, he’s funding the guys who will use their guns to let you know how much they don’t respect it.

The director of federal affairs for the Second Amendment advocacy group Gun Owners of America (GOA), Aidan Johnston, said it best, “this administration has declared all-out-war on the Second Amendment.”

The Biden administration is doing everything they can to harass, discourage, and chip away at gun owners and the community as a whole.

If this proposed budget is passed, the ATF’s budget would increase by 35.7% or $500 million compared to the final year 2020 budget of $1.4 billion when Biden took office. Year over year, the budget would increase by $200 million, a 13.6% increase from the fiscal year 2023 budget.

Instead of increasing its funding and power to ‘nearly $2 billion,’ Congress should cut ATF funding to pre-Biden Administration levels or lower,” Johnston said.

“Additionally, ATF should be made to exclusively focus on alcohol, tobacco, and explosives crimes and only be allowed to enforce firearms-related laws against violent criminals.”

The Biden administration’s ATF has implemented several restrictive firearm measures, including the “zero tolerance” policy for Federal Firearm License (FFL) gun dealers, which added updated language to define what can be classified as a “willful” violation, leaving FFL revocations at a 16-year high. The agency has also added two final rules on the definitions of firearms, including the stabilizing brace final rule, which will void all previous guidance on pistols braces, forcing pistol brace owners, many disabled, to register their pistols as short barrel rifles (SBR) with the federal government.

Republican lawmakers have opposed the ATF measures, with Second Amendment Foundation founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb saying the ATF is in “confiscation mode.” Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and GOA filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration and ATF saying the stabilizing brace rule is “dangerous” and “unconstitutional.”

Republican Reps. Jim Jordan and Thomas Massie requested that ATF Director Stephen Dettelbach testify before Congress in April, and I hope they hold the ATF accountable for their unconstitutional actions.