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LOL! New York Welcomes Hillary Clinton To Broadway…With A Steaming Pile Of Crap



It looks like the classy crowd on Broadway has a (literally, very) dirty little secret.

According to reports, someone decided to drop a deuce in the aisle during a recent performance of “Some Like It Hot” at the Shubert Theater in New York City. And who was lucky enough to be in attendance? None other than the esteemed Hillary and Chelsea Clinton.

Apparently, this is not the first time that this kind of crap has happened at the theater.

In fact, sources say that it’s happened multiple times!

You would think that the theater staff would be on high alert for this kind of thing, but I guess they were too busy polishing their monocles or something.

One source tried to make excuses for the mystery pooper, saying that it was an elderly person who couldn’t make it to the bathroom.

That would probably be the most reasonable explaination but from a city who brought us infamous pictures of people pooping on cop cars… I can’t be so sure.

It’s all pretty gross but I can’t help but laugh that an elitist place of culture and perceived sophistication, has been made into a public restroom.

And to think that the Clintons had to witness this kind of grossness during their night out is just an extra perk.


If you can’t handle a little bit of poop in the aisle, then maybe you should stick to watching movies at home or in a city run by a Republican mayor.

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