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Trump Derangement Syndrome

BREAKING: DeSantis Responds To Trump Indictment! Did He Miss The Mark???



Yesterday, Alvin Bragg just pulled off the biggest political stunt in history by indicting our former President Donald J. Trump.

And what does Florida Governor Ron DeSantis do in response? NOT A LOT.

In fact, he can’t even bring himself to say Trump’s name in his statement.


As a proud Trump supporter, I’m not afraid to call it like I see it: Ron DeSantis is a coward and a huge disappointment.

He had the absolutely golden opportunity to swoop in and be the big man, but instead, he’s sitting on the sidelines and watching our democracy crumble.

If Ron had any sense, he would suspend his shadow campaign and throw his weight 100% behind Trump. That’s what a true patriot would do. This is about the soul of our nation and we can’t afford to let the Democrats destroy it.

If Ron did this, there wouldn’t be a person in America who wouldn’t want him to be president. At least, eventually.

And let’s be real, there’s a path where Trump suspends because of all this, and Ron would be left as the only choice. Trump supporters would be like, “We will never stop fighting them! I am joining the race to fight for Donald Trump from the White House!”

Even if Trump never suspended – which is more likely – Ron could ride the 2024 election and look like a God.

But no, instead, Ron is complicit in our broken America.

He’s watching his opponent be totally attacked by the system, and he’s pretending like it’s not a major sign that our democracy has concluded.

Running against Trump now makes Ron DeSantis part of the problem.

It’s over for him.

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