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Happy April Fools Day Clown World! Here are the best conservative comedians to make you laugh so you don’t cry



You know what they say, if you don’t laugh you cry. In the wake of the epic conclusion of American democracy as the Party began their march to arrest their chief political opponent, it’s tough to think of a reason to smile. But in honor of April Fools Day we’re going to shout out the liberty loving jokesters who do their part by mocking evil and keeping spirits up. 

Here are the best conservative comedians out there: 

  1. Seth Dillon and The Babylon Bee 

Seth Dillon often repeats that the best way to stop evil and oppression is to laugh in its face. His work and that of his organization The Babylon Bee is not only hilarious, but critical to stopping the insidious culture war raging in our country. Dillon and The Babylon Bee assure all of the rational, normal people in America that yeah: what you’re seeing is absolute lunacy. We all agree. You’re not alone. Let’s have a laugh. Follow Dillon on twitter here and The Babylon Bee here.

  1. Alex Stein 

Alex Stein is a genius and one of the best comedic talents I’ve seen in a long time regardless of political bend. Stein got his start trolling City Council meetings to protest COVID-19 regulations. He continues trolling Council meetings playing characters with different absurdist problems (my favorite one is Las Vegas City Council) but also takes his cheerful brand of absurdity to the streets where he once famously cat called Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. He has a great show on The Blaze called Prime Time with Alex Stein which is both zany and ridiculous and weirdly educational (General Flynn was on that show a while ago and gave the dollar amount per Congressional district that we’ve given to Ukraine. Phenomenal stat no one else is using). Alex Stein will make you laugh every time. He’s a rising star. 

  1. Mostly Peaceful Memes

Mostly Peaceful Memes is a meme account across most social media that in name is mocking the left’s “mostly peaceful protest” line during the obviously not peaceful BLM riots. They create memes mocking the tyranny and media lies of the day and they’re all clever and funny and great to share. Follow them on twitter here. 

  1. Everett Bryam “Ret”

It’s unclear if Ret is a “conservative” or just irreverent in a way that only conservatives think is funny (liberals have no sense of humor). Either way, his twitter is nothing but a hilarious string of quirky jokes and silly made-up narratives. His jokes are off-beat, unique, and not always following whatever is trending. Follow him here.

  1. Ann Lesby, PhD (she/her) 

Though she would insist otherwise, Ann Lesby is a parody account which mocks woke culture by regurgitating actual talking points and rigidly adhering to their ridiculous values. The jokes are played so straight and are so barely satirical that the account tricks a lot of people into thinking she’s real and that really is the funniest party about it. Follow Ann Lesby here.

  1. Nick Adams (Alpha Male) 

Nick Adams makes fun of “alpha male” culture through satire but the thing about Nick Adams (Alpha Male) that is funniest is that he’s kidding sometimes and not kidding other times and the line is very blurry. He celebrates traditional values and conservatism by mocking the ridiculous extremes it can be taken to. The dancing on the fine line of humor and truth is what makes Adams so hilarious. Definitely requires an ability to laugh at yourself. Follow him here. 

And last but definitely not least: 

  1. Alex Spencer 

Alex Spencer’s brand of comedy is observational and fresh. What’s special about her jokes and hot takes are how connected they are to her personality and her point of view. There is something authentic about Spencer and refreshingly humble. She spends a lot of her efforts promoting others (a digital marketing specialist by trade) but has something funny and unique to say on her own. If you follow Spencer, you experience her live witty takes as she discovers Bucee’s, models cowboy hats and navigates all the funny, weird and wonderful things that make up life with her own quirky takes. You can follow her on Twitter here. But she is more active on instagram here. 

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