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What are you listening to this weekend? Here’s your Retribution playlist. 



It’s been a tough week as we’ve had to watch America dramatically conclude its fairytale love story with liberty and justice for all as the primary party of power has sought to arrest their top political opponent, President Donald Trump. As we all try to continue with our “normal lives” in the new fallen nation we live in this weekend: going grocery shopping, doing laundry, hanging out with buddies, surfing, fishing, throwing a child too small to remember it a far too elaborate birthday party; we need the soundtrack to our souls. 

This is a new series which will weekly provide a 20(ish) song playlist that Free Press Fail, The Conservative Critic and Jennifer Zilla (yeah those are all me so what), feel best reflect the vibe of the week. We’ll (still just me) will mix new music with classics, country with hip hop and everything in between. Enjoy!

This week, March 31, 2023: the playlist is Retribution.