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Trump Derangement Syndrome

BREAKING: The Latest, Absolutely Insane Details On The Case Against Trump



So, it looks like Stormy Daniels is going to have to sell a few more T-shirts to pay her bills because the 9th Circuit just awarded Donald J. Trump over $121,000 in attorney fees.

Apparently, her accusations against the former president were proven false, and now Stormy Daniels has to pay up.

This is in addition to the roughly $500k she already owes him.

I wonder if she thinks it was worth it? Stormy Daniels was clearly tricked into thinking she was going to get rich quick by making false accusations against Trump, but it looks like she’s only dug herself into a financial hole.

As Trump Jr. said, “LOL glad she’s out there saying her T-shirt sales are booming she’ll be able to afford to pay Trump!” That’s right, Stormy, keep selling those T-shirts. You might need to sell a few thousand more to pay off your debt.

Honestly, it’s kind of funny how karma works. Stormy Daniels thought she could take down the former president with her lies, but now she’s the one who’s going to suffer the consequences. And while Trump may not be in the White House anymore, he’s still winning in the courts.

That’s a good sign considering the current witch hunt in New York.

The mainstream media is in an absolute frenzy over our beloved President Trump’s visit to the courthouse today.

As we speak, the one and only Donald J. Trump is being processed ahead of his arraignment, and the liberal elites are practically foaming at the mouth as they continue to speculate about the alleged crime.

President Trump took to Truth Social to share his thoughts on the matter, describing the whole thing as “surreal.” And you know what? He’s absolutely right. The fact that they’re even considering arresting a man who did so much for this great country – despite their constant interference- is beyond belief.

The details of President Trump’s indictment are still sealed, but we all know what this is really about. It’s about the Democrats trying to take down a great leader because they can’t handle the fact that he might be on his way back to the White House.

But just like the case with Stormy, it’s clear Trump will come out on top.

So let the liberal elites and the biased media have their little circus. President Trump will come out of this stronger than ever. And when he does, we’ll all be there to say, “MAGA, baby!”