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EXCLUSIVE: Best Pics Of Trump’s Visit To New York That Are As Real As His Indictments



President Donald Trump flew to New York for his official arrest on his indictment led by activist New York District Attorney Alvin Bragg. 

The super real indictment based on very real legal theory and very real crimes that are really very serious and not just tyrannical overreach was not the only thing that President Trump for real for real got up to in his trip to New York. 

Here is a scrapbook of super real pictures from his trip with super real notes and captions from all his real friends that are as real as his indictment. Enjoy: 

“Loved seeing you at Yankee stadium, boss. No one calls ‘em like Trump.” -Your pals, the New York Yankees

“Love the Succession cameo from my favorite former co-star! I know Roman could really use some of THE Donald Trump’s business advice.” – Peace and blessings, Kiernan Culkin

“Welcome to New York! It’s been waiting for you!” – XOXO 1989 Era Taylor Swift 

“Life, liberty and the Pursuit of MAGA!” – Love you babe, Lady Liberty 

“Thanks for joining me on stage, Mr. Trump. Nobody’s gonna rain on your parade!” Your Funny Girl, Lea Michele

So glad to see President Trump had a very real good time after his super real and important indictment that is not the end of American democracy!