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BREAKING: Is This Former Trump Aide Really Suing Over A Meme?



Recently, Alex Breusewitz posted a photo of a letter that appeared to be sent from Jenna Ellis’s lawyer ordering that he “cease and desist” posting a meme that the lawyer deemed to be “defamatory and actionable.” 

Ellis seemingly confirmed the authenticity of the letter by responding to Alex’s tweet.

So based on Alex’s removal of the offending tweet it seems like Ellis, per the letter, is not likely to continue to pursue the lawsuit (legally dubious as it may or may not have been). 

But what meme made Jenna so mad she even threatened to sue? Isn’t Jenna a big time political lawyer? It doesn’t seem like something as stupid and petty as a meme would ruffle the feathers of someone as tough as Jenna should be. After all, her Twitter header is itself a meme that says “wolves don’t lose sleep over the opinions of sheep.” Would a wolf be so fragile?

So that we do not also get a threatening letter from Jenna Ellis’s lawyers, we won’t be sharing the meme in its pure form. The logo on this version (from Ramble Rants) appears to be removed and “Jenna” is replaced with “Jebba” so no lawyer could even pretend it’s making a legitimate false claim. 

So Jenna Ellis appears to be willing to take legal action over nothing more than being physically compared to Stormy Daniels who, despite her personality, is actually not ugly and frankly does look somewhat like Jenna Ellis. See comparison below:  

Some people are saying that Jenna’s move to threaten legal action makes her look pretty weak and like the clown Alex was accusing her of being. Some people are saying it was a pretty bad PR strategy and makes her look also bad at her job.What do you think? Was this meme defamatory? Was it serious enough to dampen first amendment participation and threaten legal action?