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What’s your weekend jam? We’re breaking up and speaking up.




This week the pop culture world reeled at the news of Taylor Swift breaking up with Joe Alwyn after six years together all while she continued her major Eras tour. But she wasn’t the only one breaking up, a Florida based media outlet published a poll showing Donald Trump clobbering Florida Governor Ron DeSantis with primary voters in his own state. Don seems to have won Florida in the big breakup with Ron. 

But it wasn’t just a week of breakups. There were also a lot of speak ups. Tucker Carlson hosted Donald Trump for his first interview post-arraignment and it was pure gold. Meanwhile BBC hosted Elon Musk for an interview where he absolutely destroyed them and all mainstream media and their tyrannical factless narrative sharing. We even had a few whistleblowers this week. Plus Alex Stein had Andrew Tate for his first interview post-release from Romanian prison.

In honor of all the splits and speeches, here is your weekend playlist all about breaking up and speaking up.

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