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How great was Dad on Tucker last night? Here are President Trump’s best moments



In his first interview since the criminal and anti-American arraignment, President Donald J. Trump appeared with America’s most beloved cable news host, Tucker Carlson. Dad did not let us down. 

Here are all the best moments from the big interview: 

  1. When he told Tucker that the employees at the courthouse were telling him “2024” 
  1. When he told Tucker that Kabul is only an hour away from where China makes their nuclear weapons and Biden left $85 billion of weapons behind
  1. And he also gave us the tidbit that Biden left our canine soldiers behind to the Taliban.
  1. When he expanded on his plan for Afghanistan withdrawal which included securing our equipment and mocked General Milley’s dangerous incompetence. 
  1. When he warned America that the military he’d been rebuilt has been gifted to Ukraine meanwhile our enemies build stockpiles
  1. When he DIDN’T say what we all know about the Nord Stream pipeline 
  1. When he called it like it is about the tyrannical political attacks against him weaponizing the justice system at every turn. Bull sh*t.
  1. And when he walked Tucker back through the fake dossier and media/democratic collusion on the absolutely false “Russian ties” narrative 
  1. When he called out America’s greatest threat which is from within. America can always handle foreign enemies. But not the cancer of our self-destruction. 
  1. When he reminded us that Putin was afraid to go into Ukraine when he was in charge. 
  1. When he tried to be nice about Joe Biden’s condition which is unfit for the Presidency.
  1. When he assured us all that he will never back down.

Here is the full interview on Tucker Carlson Tonight