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BREAKING: Alex Stein Is A Transballerina 



Stein has once again broken down barriers of effective talk show hosting. First he secured an exclusive interview with Andrew Tate post-incarceration but now he’s gone one step above and instead of booking an interview with the controversial transwoman who was admitted to the Royal Academy of Ballet….he’s become a transballerina himself. 

Alex Stein is a brilliant comedian who is taking down woke culture and corruption by making fun of it until it dies of embarrassment. His show in partnership with The Blaze, Prime Time With Alex Stein, is unlike any other conservative talk show (if you can even call it that) online or on cable. It is fresh. It is funny. It is something different for once. It’s reflective of conservative views without being the absolutely tedious same old boring commentary we’ve heard 50 times for 20 identical programs and hot take vids. You need to subscribe to the YouTube channel here and you need to be watching.

But let’s break down his episode where Alex Stein achieves a feat of talk showing not yet seen in any corner of our community. He truly becomes his subject. It’s moving. Here are the best moments: 

He always starts with this important warning. NOT THE CHILDREN!

Then he opened up with a wildly disturbing poem about Michelle Obama being “Big Mike” and eating people 

Then we watched live as his Bud Light 40 (didn’t even know they made those) turned him into a transballerina 

Then we got a good shot of his derriere 

Then he did some beautiful ballet moves and landed in this official ballerina pose 

And then he introduced his in-studio guest Hilary Kennedy who looked visibly shaken

“I can’t unsee any of that.” 

Hilary was not really the vibe tbh. Not a transballerina ally.

Then Alex got comfy talking about HER dream to dance ballet as a pro 

After his video segment on the current transwoman in the Royal Academy, Alex had his team member admit he wanted to kiss him then tried to “turn him gay” by having him chug Bud Light. 

Then we got a beautiful boom shot before he broke the chair

Then he did the craziest thing of all which is introduce some random hack joke thief 

Then he wrestled his producer to the ground and held him with a broken bell as a knife to his throat and what’s-his-name couldn’t even hang 

Whoever this is is not gas emoji or whatever the kids are using

Then he made this face talking to a TERF (trans exclusionary radical feminist – they’re the ones who think women are women) about JK Rowling 

And then showed a clip of him petitioning to be on a female swim team from a long time ago (ahead of the curve) 

And then he shared his cameo from THE Bud Light spox Dylan Mulvaney (from a while ago) who absolutely did not realize who was requesting the cameo and provided something quite insipid 

Then he had to adjust his tights to complete his interview 

And he was really impressed that his TERF guest, Arielle, is a Gold Star Lesbian (she’s never been with a dude)

Hilary really just could not hang at all.

Then this absolute queen and prime time lesbian said “I don’t want to suck a d*ck” in regard to the radical trans movement to force women to accept transpersons as actual women (even forcing lesbians to have sex with them as women). She’s really putting the L back in LGBT.

And when Hilay once again was just not it. 

And Alex concluded by accurately asserting that he’d haunt Hilary the no-funs dreams.

Prime Time with Alex Stein streams live Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7 pm ET. Check out the full episode here or click here to go to his YouTube page and SUBSCRIBE