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LIBERAL TEARS: The Twitter Blue Check Mark Saga Is Hilarious



It’s always a good day when the liberal elite get their panties in a twist. The latest Twitter saga involving the coveted “blue check” verification badge has been nothing short of hilarious.

From the moment Elon Musk announced his Twitter Blue subscription plan, the so-called “influential” Twitter users were up in arms. They spent countless hours reassuring their followers that their “legacy” badges were not paid for, but achieved the old-fashioned way, like in the time of the pioneers. Oh, the drama!

But then came the Great Purge, and the legacy marks were finally removed. The liberal tears flowed like a river as they eulogized the loss of their precious blue check marks. But the story didn’t end there.

Over the weekend, checks started re-appearing, and the floodgates of liberal outrage opened once again. Celebrities, political commentators, pundits, influencers, and left-leaning journos all joined in the chorus of protestations and declarations.

Some even took decisive action to rescue their reputations from the appearance of “eight dollar-ing.” Oh, the horror!

The only one with a particularly funny response was the absolute legend, Charlie Sheen.

Elon Musk didn’t seem bothered by the drama in the slightest. He just trolled and taunted them like the boss he is.

In the end, it’s just more proof that the liberal elite can’t handle anything that doesn’t fit their narrative. The Twitter blue check mark saga has been nothing but pure entertainment for those of us who can see through their nonsense. Keep those tears coming, libs!