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SPOTTED: Tucker Carlson Was Seen In Florida



Tucker Carlson is alive and well in Florida. 

This week in the biggest shock in cable news since Matt Lauer’s infamous button, Tucker Carlson abruptly departed Fox News. The speculation as to why has abounded wildly and in an even more bizarre twist: no one seems to have a clear answer. With all the connections and sources and friendships swirling around the pundit-sphere it’s a bit shocking that no one yet knows exactly if Tucker was fired or quit or why that would happen. Or perhaps they do know and in an even more bizarre twist, they aren’t telling.

A few days post-Fox, Tucker was recently spotted by a Daily Wire affiliate in Florida where he often resides. He was looking happier than ever in his dope golf cart, tan and cruising with his wife back lit by sunsets and swaying palms. He has never looked better and no matter what is happening, we at Free Press Fail are glad to see it. 

Here are the best pictures of Tucker Carlson looking more alive today than he’s ever been: 

You can almost hear him laughing in this one 

Here’s a vid of him just cruising by. A visual metaphor of his cruise past the haters. Perfection.

Here he is with his wife looking at him as adoringly as we all look at him (okay probably more but still).

This description of his demeanor makes the photo all the more charming.

We’re all rooting for you Tucker! 

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