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WHAT?! Biden’s Energy Secretary Makes An Absolutely INSANE Promise Regarding Our Military Fleet



Looks like the Biden administration is at it again! This week, Jennifer Granholm, the Energy Secretary, started pushing the idea that the U.S. military will adopt an ALL-electric vehicle fleet by 2030.

Are you kidding me?

First of all, let’s talk about the logistics of this. It’s absolutely insane to expect the military to completely switch over to electric vehicles in just seven years. That’s not enough time to replace the current fleet, let alone build out the necessary infrastructure for charging.

But even more concerning is the message this sends to our enemies. “Hey terrorists, if you want to avoid a U.S. invasion, all you have to do is cut off our access to charging stations!!!”

It’s ridiculous to think that we would make ourselves so vulnerable in the name of “clean energy.”

We need a strong military that is prepared for any situation, not one that is limited by a political agenda. Let’s leave the virtue signaling to Hollywood and focus on what’s really important: defending our country and keeping our citizens safe.

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