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What’s Tucker Carlson listening to this weekend? Here’s your Tucker playlist



This week the name on everyone’s lips and fingertips was Tucker Carlson. This shocking departure from Fox News was the breakup heard around the world. Following his mysterious exit from the cable news giant, Tucker was spotted looking happier than ever in his home in Florida and posted his own video about the future of America and promising he’d be back soon. 

Fox News on the other hand lost 2 million viewers in his time slot. They’ve been down by half since the announcement. Ouch. 

So this weekend your playlist is all about Tucker. He’s a big music guy, and he did an entire interview on all his hobbies and musical interests so it wasn’t hard to source a good playlist. This weekend you’ll be listening to his favorites: The Grateful Dead, Jerry Garcia Band, Susan Tedeschi, Phish, Bob Weir and african drums (that’s right). There will also be a few other pieces that just fit the “Tucker vibe” (people named Tucker, songs about Tucker and a few more). 

Enjoy vibing with Tucker this weekend! 

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