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BREAKING: Epstein’s Calendar REVEALED?



WOW. It looks like we’ve got some juicy news on the Jeffrey Epstein front.

According to newly leaked documents, it appears that some of our esteemed government officials and business leaders were getting a little too chummy with the notorious child sex trafficker.

As a quick refresher, Epstein was accused of sexually abusing girls as young as 14 back in 2006. He managed to weasel his way out of federal charges in 2008 with a plea deal, and was only convicted of soliciting prostitution from a minor. And get this, he only got a slap on the wrist with a 13-month sentence that allowed him to leave prison most days to “work.” What a joke.

But back to the main event. The Wall Street Journal got their hands on thousands of documents, including emails and schedules, that reveal Epstein was hobnobbing with some big names after his conviction.

And these aren’t just any names… We’re talking high-profile government officials here.

Take William Burns, for example. He’s currently serving as Joe Biden’s CIA Director and was Obama’s deputy Secretary of State. According to the leaked documents, Burns had not one, not two, but three scheduled meetings with Epstein in 2014. What on earth were they talking about?

And let’s not forget Kathryn Ruemmler, Obama’s former White House counsel. Apparently she had dozens of meetings with Epstein after leaving the administration. The leaked schedule even suggests she went on a little trip to Paris with him in 2015 and visited his infamous island in 2017. What kind of business could they possibly have had together?

But it’s not just government officials who were in Epstein’s Rolodex. The president of Bard College, Leon Botstein, invited Epstein to campus and even let him bring a group of young females as his guests. And to top it off, the notorious author and political activist Noam Chomsky apparently had dinner at Epstein’s Manhattan townhouse in 2015. What a bunch of upstanding citizens.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. How could these people possibly associate with someone like Epstein? Well, here’s the kicker. None of them were listed in Epstein’s black book of contacts or on his flight logs. So who else was he meeting with that we don’t know about?

In the end, we all know how things turned out for Epstein. He was arrested on charges of sex trafficking of minors in 2019, but conveniently died in his jail cell before his trial. Who knows what other skeletons are lurking in Epstein’s closet?

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.