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LOL! ABC News Didn’t Expect Americans To Answer Their Survey This Way



The worst part about unscripted television is also the best part… it’s unscripted!

ABC News was caught entirely off guard when they conducted a survey of voters to gauge their opinion on President Joe Biden’s performance in office and whether or not they wanted him to run in 2024. The results were not what the liberal media outlet was expecting, and it left them scrambling for a way to spin the narrative.

In the video, voters were asked their thoughts on Biden’s job performance, and to the surprise of the ABC News reporters, the responses were less than favorable. The video captures the awkward moment when voters express their disappointment with Biden’s handling of the economy, foreign policy, and his overall leadership skills.


It’s clear that ABC News was hoping to portray Biden as a competent and popular president, but instead, they were met with a reality check. It’s no secret that Biden has been struggling to maintain his cognitive abilities and his approval rating reflects that.

The mainstream media has been desperately trying to prop up Biden’s failing administration, but the American people are not fooled. It’s refreshing to see that some voters are willing to speak the truth, even when it’s not what the liberal media wants to hear.

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