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Here come the hypocrites: who showed up to the Jerk Parade/Met Gala 2023?  



The Met Gala is known as the most exclusive party of the year full of essentially the worst people. While not everyone there sucks, naturally, it’s known to be mostly big egos with big wallets. This year they took it to new levels by honoring Karl Lagerfeld who was a known jerk (if you think Heidi Klum is fat, you have problems). 

It was ~interesting~ to see this year who would show up and who wouldn’t in the context of the body positivity movement and the racial justice movement considering Lagerfeld’s history. Lizzo, for example, is known for promoting the idea that bigger bodies should be an acceptable beauty and health standard. So it seems a bit weird that she would dress to honor a designer who absolutely did not share that value and vocally opposed the existence of plus size models. Especially since he considered Heidi Klum a plus size model.

On top of Lizzo, popular plus model Ashley Graham, who has broken down a lot of barriers for plus models in the industry, was in attendance. 

Maybe these individuals are hypocrites. But in another way, maybe they’re actually just being the most honest about who they are and what they intend. The celebrities that boycotted may feel morally superior, but that didn’t stop them from wearing Chloe, Chanel and Fendi (Lagerfeld’s brands) in the time of his life or showing up to the parties he’d be at while he was alive and powerful. So in that sense, it’s almost as though those who showed up anyway are being more upfront with their ethical compass. They like fashion. They like fancy parties and jerk parades. They don’t care not to honor someone who said a couple of mean things in his life cause, hey, they probably said some mean things too. 

However you feel about the attendees re: hypocrites or not: fashion is a wonderful form of artistic expression and just because the event is a draw for the intolerable does not mean it is not worthwhile especially for fashion lovers like me. 

Here are the weirdest, worst and best looks from Met Gala 2023 honoring Karl Lagerfeld’s legacy: 

  1. Weirdest: But also best of the night – Jared Leto as a giant cat 

Jared is known for crazy antics – he once carried his own head at the Met Gala. This year he dressed to honor Lagerfeld’s cat, Choupette. I do not know who designed this elegant kitty. 

  1. Worst: Doja Cat as a cat (Oscar De La Renta)

Doja Cat also opted to honor Lagerfeld’s furry BFF but managed to make it somehow way creepier than the giant mascot of Jared Leto. She also meowed in all her interviews. It was not it. Very James Corden in the 2019 Cats movie. 

  1. Best: Sydney Sweeney in Miu Miu

The left tried to cancel Sydney Sweeney recently cause her parents are Trump supporters and like police (OH MY!). She stood by her family and weathered the storm and is now one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. This was a big ingenue moment for her like when Jennifer Lawrence wore the red Calvin Klein scuba dress to the Oscars in 2011.

  1. Weirdest: In a bad way – Lil Nas X trying to be cutlery (Pat McGrath)

In no tangible way does this “outfit” honor the legacy of a man who never left the house without gloves and an ascot or shirt up to his chin with full tails. The Old Town Road singer not only totally missed the theme but also looks like a really elaborate spoon. He looks like he’s auditioning for a part in Be Our Guest in Beauty and the Beast on Broadway. 

This is my favorite reaction to this “look” 

It’s not it, Nas.

  1. Worst: Rachel Brosnahan doing too much with too little (Sergio Hudson)

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel herself is pretty openly trying to distance herself from the persona of character as she attempts to take on new roles. This…garment….is an attempt at giving her a sexier appeal. It’s a very loud cry for attention and it leaves a lot to be desired in terms of taste. Not only because of the showing skin but also the chosen material (the mesh is ghastly), the styling (it’s oddly gothic like a witch in a porno) and the silhouette. In the words of my mother: “She’s sitting down with other people. Who will be EATING!” Brosnahan is too pretty and too talented for this piece. 

  1. Best: Jessica Chastain in the perfect reference to Lagerfeld himself 

This is movie star. This is glamor. This is confidence embodied in an outfit. A few other celebs dressed to match Karl but no one did it with this “effortless” vivacity. Half of what made this maybe the best look of the night (and the year) was how Chastain really sold it. Boy did she pose. She knew who was queen bee on that carpet.

For reference, here is what Karl Lagerfeld looked liked and dressed always. He was never without sunglasses: 

  1. Weirdest: And most concerning cry for help, Florence Pugh as the princess from the Never Ending story (Valentino) 

Someone needs to check on “Miss Flo.” Pugh debuted a totally shaven head with an elaborate headdress for the party which had the commentators desperately speculating that she must have done it for a part and not strictly to wear the headpiece. Right? RIGHT?! 

This is interesting because a lot of people are comparing her Dune look (with hair) also to this princess. It’s a vibe. It’s in the air. 

Anyway hope you’re doing alright Florence! We love your work!

  1. Worst: Harvey Guillen as Raven Baxter in Christian Siriano 

This outfit looks like something Raven Baxter would have created on Thats So Raven in the year 2004 in the worst possible way. Siriano likes to take a lot of credit for designing for all body types and yet what he must mean is that he is willing to wrap bigger people up in so much fabric they look like they’re unhoused. The flowers are not forgivable. Hideous. Harvey did deserve this stinker of a look because he asked some pretty bad questions on the red carpet as well. See the next entry. 

For reference here is a Raven Baxter original: 

  1. Best: Usher dressed exactly like Lagerfeld

There could not be a more literal interpretation of dressing like Lagerfeld. And yet that did not stop young Harvey Guillen (above) from asking Usher how he was honoring him with his look. Usher was really taken aback and answered something like “uh, I mean look at me.”

  1. Honorable mention: This viral AI of Selena Gomez at the Met Gala though she was not in attendance

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