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OPEN YOUR WALLETS! Time To Pay For Healthcare For Illegal Immigrants



The latest attack on the American taxpayer comes from the Biden administration, as they quietly announced a new program granting 700,000 illegal foreign nationals access to taxpayer-funded healthcare.

Under this program, individuals in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program will be eligible for Medicaid or be able to purchase insurance on the Obamacare exchanges.

In a video message, President Biden stated that “we need to give Dreamers the opportunities and support they deserve.” However, this so-called support comes at the expense of the American people, who will be forced to foot the bill for these individuals’ healthcare.

DACA is an Obama-era program that protects illegal immigrants who arrived in the United States as children from deportation. The Biden administration claims to be committed to providing opportunities for these individuals, but the cost of this program has not been disclosed.

The Department of Health and Human Services will propose a rule to amend the definition of “lawful presence” for Medicaid and Affordable Care Act coverage to include DACA recipients. This move will allow the Biden administration to expand the reach of this program without seeking congressional approval.

This latest move is a clear example of the Biden administration’s reckless spending and disregard for the hardworking taxpayers of this country. It is time for the government to put the interests of Americans first and stop using taxpayer dollars to fund healthcare for illegal immigrants.

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