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BREAKING: Why Did This TRIGGER The Press Secretary??



Peter Doocy, one of the few brave journalists left in the mainstream media, recently called out the Press Secretary for her outrageous lie about illegal migration. She claimed that it had come down by 90%, but as we all know, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

And let me tell you, she was triggered.

It’s clear that she doesn’t want to be confronted with the facts. But that’s what happens when you try to push a left-wing agenda instead of reporting the truth.

The fact is, illegal migration is still a huge problem in this country, and the Biden administration is doing nothing to stop it. In fact, they’re encouraging it by rolling back Trump’s successful policies and refusing to secure our borders.

But the Press Secretary doesn’t want to hear that. She’d rather stick to her talking points and try to gaslight the American people. Well, sorry, but we’re not buying it.

It’s refreshing to see journalists like Peter Doocy holding them accountable. We need more journalists like him, who are willing to ask tough questions and expose the lies.

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