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BREAKING: Trump RIPS Biden For Failing Immigration Policies



In a recent video, former President Donald Trump responded to Joe Biden’s decision to lift Title 42. Biden’s handling of the border crisis has been nothing short of a disaster, and this latest move is just another bad decision in a long line of bad ideas.

As President, Donald Trump made it clear that he was dedicated to protecting our borders and keeping our nation safe. He implemented policies that were tough but fair, and they worked. Illegal border crossings decreased, and our nation’s security was strengthened.

Biden, on the other hand, has shown that he is more concerned with pleasing his liberal base than with protecting our country. His decision to lift Title 42 will only make things worse. It will encourage more illegal immigration and put our nation at risk.

Donald Trump is a strong leader who understands the importance of having a secure border. He has shown time and again that he is willing to take bold action to protect our nation. Biden, on the other hand, has proven that he is weak and ineffective when it comes to handling the border crisis.

We need a leader like Donald Trump who will take a strong stance on immigration and do what it takes to keep our country safe.

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