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BREAKING: Former FBI Director James Comey Just Gave Us Another Reason To Vote For Trump



James Comey, the former FBI Director, thought he could trash-talk Donald Trump on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. But guess what? He ended up kind of endorsing our guy as the best candidate.

In his little unhinged rant, where he clearly thought he was condemning Trump, Comey unintentionally gave us yet another fantastic reason to support our guy in the upcoming 2024 election. WHOOPS!

Comey boldly stated, “I think he poses a near existential threat to the rule of law. He will do everything he can in a new term to try to tear down the institutions that he sees as threats and dismantle them and the people who occupy them.”

Yeah, James. That’s called draining the swamp! It’s music to our ears to hear that Trump aims to shake things up, challenge the establishment, and take down those who are standing in the way of progress.

MAGA, baby.

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