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The AI Wars Are HERE! But Who Needs AI When You Have JZ?



Today the DeSantis 2024 team is being called out by Trump spox and loyalists for using images generated by artificial intelligence (AI) which depict President Trump hugging and kissing Tony Fauci. The Trump side as well as more neutral actors who are prominent in the conservative talk space such as Tim Pool, think that the attempt by the DeSantis team to pass off the AI images as real images in an attempt to discredit their opponent was unethical. I just personally think it’s super lame and cringey. 

President Donald Trump himself and those loyal are not strangers to using AI but instead of trying to pass off images as real, they prefer comically unrealistic pictures they use to make satirical statements. They feel like presenting the images as clearly fake and for comedic/satirical purposes is very different than presenting fake images as though they were real. I couldn’t agree more. 

That being said, the point is irrelevant. Neither team needs to use AI to generate photos because they could have just asked me to make them something. 

Jennifer Zilla: Artist. Monster. Icon. Delusional. My art is renowned throughout my entire home office the world. Here are some free samples for both teams to consider for their next graphic image battle: 

  1. Here’s one of Casey DeSantis betraying Ronny with his enemies. A double hand wave? What a slap in the face?
  1. Here’s one of Team DeSantis and friends (Bill Mitchell, Pedro Gonzalez, Christina Pushaw, John Cardillo and Jebba Jenna Ellis) as the Target Pride mannequins. Unbelievable they’d pose in these dangerous outfits after everything. What about the Children? 

NOTE: Jebba Jenna Ellis sues anyone who makes a meme about her so FYI this is a fake picture (I know so realistic though). She isn’t really a child sized mannequin at Target.

  1. This one shows how close President Trump and Alex Brueswitz really are. Is Donald a second father to Alex? How tall is President Trump?? What’s the story here???
  1. This one proves Ron is being forced into this campaign and he’s been trying to send us a message the whole time. 

6. This one is a behind the scenes look at the DeSantis Twitter spaces campaign launch

7. This one makes it look like Donald Trump went to jail and got those Folsom Prison Blues. A convict??? For President???? Who also sings???

8. This one could be particularly dangerous. We have Donald Trump wrestling an alligator in a clear act of aggression toward Ron DeSantis. Can we really elect someone who would act like this???

9. Wow team DeSantis finally figured out how to fill a room. No wonder he can’t take questions. 

10. How is President Trump going to explain this one to the voters and Feds? He admits it right on film!