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BREAKING: Fox News Moves To SILENCE Tucker Carlson



Since parting ways with Fox News, Tucker Carlson has risen like a phoenix with his new hit show, “Tucker on Twitter.” In just two episodes, he managed to captivate over 170 million viewers. (Just as a comparison, CNN struggles to keep up, wallowing in the mere presence of 500,000 primetime viewers in May. Pathetic, really.)

But it seems that Fox News can’t stand to see Tucker thriving without them. On the eve of his highly anticipated third episode, set to be a monumental defense of Donald Trump amidst his federal indictment, Fox News unleashed their legal hounds. They sent Tucker a cease-and-desist letter, trying to hinder his Twitter triumphs.

Marked as “NOT FOR PUBLICATION” – but conveniently leaked to Axios – this cease-and-desist letter claims that Tucker is violating his contract by producing content on Twitter. How dare Tucker exercise his voice outside of the Fox News bubble!

Fox News, in their desperate attempt to maintain control over the 2024 election narrative, is even willing to pay Tucker to stay silent. Yes, you heard that right. They are willing to waste their resources to keep him off the airwaves, to prevent him from influencing the masses with his powerful insights. They want him muted.

But Tucker, being the resilient patriot that he is, will not be silenced by anyone. His lawyer, Harmeet Dhillon, issued a resolute statement, making it clear that Tucker will continue to be an indispensable voice on matters of public interest in our great nation.

We’re with you, Tucker! Keep fighting the good fight.

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