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How bigly did the Golden Knights win?



The Las Vegas Golden Knights skated to victory over the Florida Panthers in the NHL Stanley Cup Final. It seems experience with actual ice or snow is not a relevant factor in creating a champion hockey team. The Golden Knights really trounced the Panthers in the final game with a 9-3 victory. 

Here are some of the best reactions: 

  1. The very real possibility out there in the Vegas desert that everyone could be dreaming 
  1. This really cool drone footage of the thrilled team and the crowd moments after victory 
  1. The absolutely unhinged (in a good way) thrill of this mic moment (and psychic revelation) from Jonathan Marchessault 
  1. Jonathan Quick’s children congratulating him on the ice. NO YOU’RE CRYING!
  1. This bizarre take on Canadian supremacy that no one asked for. They may have come from there but they won in Las Vegas, U.S.A, son!
  1. Freemont street showing the world that it’s not only the strip that knows how to put on a good party 
  1. The choir of fans outside the stadium ringing in the victory with a classic
  1. Samantha Rivera of CBS Miami knowing exactly how to handle herself in a hockey arena
  1. Whoever Cameron Hughes is and this reaction that I am now obsessed with 
  1. This classic Vegas reference 
  1. This crowd joyfully in touch with their musical roots 
  1. Elvis was invoked all over the City and rightly so as it his victory

Congratulations to the team who not only played the best, but also has without a doubt the most entertaining hockey show of any team in the world. Go Golden Knights! 

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