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LOL! Biden Surrogate Gets CALLED OUT for FAKE NEWS Claims About Biden’s Unemployment Rates



In a recent interview on Fox News’ “The Faulkner Focus,” political analyst Gianno Caldwell confronted former Biden 2020 surrogate Kevin Walling over his misleading claims about black unemployment under the Biden administration.

Caldwell expressed his disappointment in Vice President Kamala Harris, stating that she has lost support among the black community, which used to be her strong base of supporters. He criticized President Joe Biden for failing to deliver on his promises to the black community, causing black voters to reconsider their support for the Democratic Party.

Caldwell highlighted a recent poll indicating a significant drop in support for President Biden among African-Americans. He emphasized that the president’s approval rating among black Americans fell from 90% to 58% in just a few weeks. Clearly, there is much work to be done to address the concerns of this vital voting bloc.

Walling, however, seemed dismissive of the issue, claiming that they would campaign directly to the black community and highlight the administration’s achievements, such as the lowest black unemployment rate in the history of the country.

Caldwell refuted Walling’s claim by pointing out that the numbers Walling cited did not account for black men, thereby distorting the true picture. Walling insisted that all black Americans were included in the calculations, but Caldwell disagreed, asserting that this was not the case.

Host Harris Faulkner chimed in, criticizing Walling for making baseless claims. She emphasized that when people are struggling to put food on the table, it’s too late for empty messaging. Action is needed from both sides of the political spectrum, especially considering that the current administration is in power.

Contrary to Walling’s assertion, the black unemployment rate as of April 2023 stood at 4.7%, the lowest recorded so far. However, experts like Howard University economics professor Bill Spriggs caution that the decrease may be misleading. They argue that the decline in black male unemployment is likely due to a decrease in labor force participation.

It is clear that the Biden administration’s claims of success in tackling black unemployment are not as straightforward as they appear. The black community deserves genuine action and support, rather than empty rhetoric and misleading statistics.

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