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BREAKING: Hunter Biden OFFICIALLY Charged!



President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, has found himself in hot water once again with the recent charges leveled against him. The laundry list of offenses includes a gun felony and two tax misdemeanors.

According to U.S. Attorney David Weiss’ letter, the tax offenses consist of two counts of willful failure to pay federal income tax. The firearm offense, on the other hand, alleges that Hunter unlawfully possessed a firearm while being an unlawful user of or addicted to a controlled substance.

It has been reported that Hunter Biden has agreed to plead guilty to the tax misdemeanors and has entered into a probation agreement for the gun charge. This lenient outcome raises questions about whether justice has truly been served.

While these charges may seem significant on their own, they pale in comparison to the grave allegations that have been leveled against Hunter Biden in the past. These include involvement in treasonous business deals, the discovery of a laptop containing disturbing content involving drugs and inappropriate interactions with underage women, as well as issues surrounding child support and his responsibilities as a father.

It is difficult not to view this situation as a mere attempt to prove that our justice system is unbiased by targeting the Bidens. However, the handling of these charges appears to be nothing more than a pointless, see-through gesture.

In reality, these charges serve only as a distraction from the much more significant legal challenges faced by the Biden family. Recent documents reviewed by Congress shed light on the fact that it wasn’t just Hunter who was receiving money from foreign nations and allocating a portion to “the big guy.” Joe Biden himself directly accepted millions from Ukrainian executives, while the United States is now providing billions to Ukraine. This raises serious questions about the integrity of their association and whether personal gain has influenced political decisions.

Furthermore, the revelation that Hunter had access to classified documents stored in Joe Biden’s garage greatly undermines the ongoing case against Trump. This critical information will now be conveniently overlooked by the media, who seem intent on reducing Hunter Biden’s criminal issues to mere tax law and gun violations while turning a blind eye to the larger truths that deserve our attention.