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BREAKING: Fox News Finally Announces Who Will Replace Tucker Carlson



In a surprising move, Fox News has announced that Jesse Watters will be taking over the highly coveted 8 p.m. slot, previously occupied by the renowned host Tucker Carlson. Watters, who gained recognition for his Man on the Street segment during Bill O’Reilly’s program, is set to command the hour, as confirmed in a press release by Fox News.

As part of this reshuffle, Laura Ingraham will be shifting to Watters’ former 7 p.m. time slot, while Greg Gutfeld will move his show to the 10 p.m. slot. Notably, Sean Hannity will continue captivating audiences in his established 9 p.m. position.

Stating the obvious to say… this announcement comes after Fox News parted ways with both Tucker Carlson in late April. (They also got rid of Dan Bongino! The timing raises eyebrows and hints at a possible “MAGA purge,” considering the network’s decision to let go of two prominent conservative voices.) Carlson has since taken matters into his own hands, launching his own show on Twitter and igniting a public legal battle with Fox News and the co-founder of the Daily Caller.

Fox News has been so bent out of shape about Tucker’s success that they recently issued a “cease and desist” to Carlson, accusing him of breaching his contract by violating the non-compete clause through the airing of his show on Twitter.

Despite the separation, Tucker continues to flourish outside the Fox News realm. His initial two episodes have amassed a staggering 169 million views on Twitter, with the first episode alone surpassing 100 million views within a mere two days.

Interestingly, his monologues have even outperformed Fox’s broadcasts during the same time slot, demonstrating Tucker’s enduring popularity. Guess we just love him!