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BREAKING: RFK Jr Gets His Debate On Vaccines… Kind Of!



Last weekend we witnessed a showdown for the ages. RFK Jr., the prominent Democrat who dares to challenge Biden’s reign, made waves across social media after his appearance on Joe Rogan’s’ podcast.

Of course, it’s no surprise that liberal critics were foaming at the mouth over RFK’s well-known stance on vaccines.

When faced with predictable criticism, Joe Rogan and RFK Jr. decided to extend an invitation to a vaccine scientist for a debate on the issue, with a generous $100,000 donation to charity at stake. You’d think any scientist confident in their beliefs would eagerly jump at the chance, right? Wrong.

Even after the charity offer leaped to $1 million, the “scientist” firmly declined, resorting instead to the usual leftist tactics of censorship and name-calling.

(This scientist was, undoubtedly intimidated by the strength of RFK Jr.’s arguments and the size of Rogan’s audience.)

But it seems someone else has stepped in to argue on behalf of the pro-vaxx left.

On his show this past weekend, Bill Maher engaged in a passionate and heated debate with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. about the safety of vaccines. And it was great!

Whether you agree with RFK Jr.’s views or not, we should all appreciate the importance of robust debates that challenge the mainstream narrative. It’s time to encourage open dialogue and critical thinking, rather than shutting down dissenting voices.

So kudos to Joe Rogan, RFK Jr., and even Bill Maher for engaging in a conversation that has been long overdue.

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