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BREAKING: New Poll Reveals The Depth Of Liberal Media Bias And How It Could Effect Our Elections



Liberal pundits have long accused Conservative voters of residing in an echo chamber, but recent findings from the Media Research Center expose that the real victims of media silos are…

Actually liberal viewers who rely on CNN and MSNBC.

In a comprehensive poll conducted by McLaughlin & Associates for the Media Research Center between June 15 and June 19, it was revealed that viewers of liberal networks are woefully misinformed about crucial issues plaguing our nation. These issues range from the dire lack of security at our borders to the detrimental impact of Joe Biden’s economic policies. Moreover, they remain oblivious to the financial scandals surrounding the President and his family, including allegations of the administration interfering in Hunter Biden’s tax fraud investigation to grant him preferential treatment.

The poll’s results were striking. A majority of respondents who primarily watched Fox News or Newsmax demonstrated awareness of the news stories surveyed. However, no more than 50 percent of those who tuned into CNN and MSNBC possessed the same knowledge. The gap between these two groups averaged a staggering 23.5 percent, highlighting the substantial deficit in factual information among liberal cable news viewers.

To delve deeper into the stark disparities between viewers of liberal and conservative networks, you can read the full analysis here. The findings shed light on the alarming contrast in knowledge and information levels, revealing the inherent bias of liberal media networks and how it may have an effect on our elections.

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