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WTF!? The Effort To Erase Women Is Getting Straight-Up WEIRD



Brace yourselves as we delve into the absurdity of the cancer organization and the government-funded LGBTQ+ group teaming up to give us a dose of their politically correct madness.

In a mind-boggling display of misguided inclusivity, Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust, the self-proclaimed “leading cervical cancer charity” in the U.K., has joined forces with the LGBT Foundation, which conveniently receives funding from our hard-earned tax dollars. Together, they have unleashed a glossary of politically correct terms to cater to the delicate sensibilities of transgender individuals.

The very first entry on their list is a real gem: “Bonus hole.” Yes, you read that right. Apparently, in the pursuit of inclusivity, we must now erase any reference to female anatomy completely and refer to vaginas as “bonus holes.” Because who needs accurate terminology when you can create nonsensical euphemisms?

Not satisfied with just one absurdity, this glossary also suggests replacing “vagina” with the equally ridiculous term “front hole.” Because apparently, the word “vagina” is just too triggering for some fragile souls out there. We wouldn’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable, now would we?

But hold on a second. According to the brilliant minds behind this glossary, using incorrect language might cause someone to feel “hurt or distressed.” Heaven forbid! We must tread ever so carefully, lest we upset someone’s delicate sensibilities. And if we do, they might just pack their bags and seek support elsewhere. How tragic!

Oh, and did I mention that Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust is set to receive a whopping £650,000 from the “tampon tax”? Yes, your hard-earned money, extracted from your pockets every time you purchase feminine hygiene products, is going to fund this lunacy. It’s almost like they’ve found a way to add insult to injury by using our own money against us.

So there you have it. A cancer organization, funded by the tampon tax, and in cahoots with a government-funded LGBTQ+ group, has decided that “bonus hole” is the politically correct term for a vagina. It’s just another day in the ever-entertaining world of progressive absurdity.

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