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BREAKING: Biden’s New Energy Plan Sounds Like A Supervillain Plot



The Biden administration is apparently toying with the idea of blocking out the sun to combat climate change.

That is, supposedly, a totally real plan and not the plot of some supervillain biopic.

According to a recently released report, so-called “experts” in the scientific community are suggesting a process called solar radiation modification (SRM) as a potential solution for rapidly cooling the Earth. The idea behind SRM is to reflect a small portion of the sun’s light and heat back into space, thereby reducing the amount of solar energy reaching our planet’s surface. One proposed method involves injecting sulfur-based aerosols into the stratosphere.

Now, let’s be clear: this report doesn’t commit to any specific plan. It’s simply presenting options. But guess who’s lurking in the background? None other than Bill Gates. Yes, the billionaire investor who seems to have his fingers in every questionable scientific experiment these days. He funded experiments at Harvard University that explore the idea of spraying aerosols into the atmosphere to cool the Earth. (How will his genetically modified mosquitos survive this exposure to chemicals!?)

But here’s the thing: there are also experts out there who are sounding the alarm bells. Sixteen scholars in this field (which, Bill Gates is NOT) wrote an open letter last year, cautioning about the risks associated with these technologies. And trust me, the known risks are vast and a lot of it is largely unknown – which could be worse. We’re talking about potential impacts on weather patterns, agriculture, and the availability of basic necessities like food and water. Just… the stuff we need to stay alive.

And here’s what really gets me thinking: these are the same people who are constantly pushing us to ditch fossil fuels and embrace solar energy. But how will that work if we’re busy blocking out the sun? It’s a valid question, isn’t it? I mean, it feels almost like they want to control every aspect of our lives. It could be worse than how we get our energy, now venturing into actually controlling the literal source of energy.

We need to seriously consider the risks and potential consequences before we start playing God with the sun. It’s time to put the brakes on these wild scientific experiments and focus on more practical and sustainable solutions to address climate change. Because at the end of the day, we’ve all gotta live on this planet. I’d like it to not blow up in Biden’s attempt to live out some cheap Marvel knock-off fantasy.

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