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BREAKING: Shocking Footage Shows Joe Biden’s Border Patrol DESTROYING The Border Fence



Wow, we knew the Biden administration wanted an open border but this feels like a new low.

In a stunning display of intentional sabotage, Biden’s Border Patrol agents were caught on camera slicing through razor wire that had been painstakingly installed by dedicated Texas law enforcement officers. Their reason? To create an unhindered pathway for illegal aliens to flood into our great nation.

This alarming incident highlights the complete failure of the current administration to secure our borders and enforce immigration laws. Instead of upholding the sovereignty of the United States, President Biden’s policies seem to prioritize the comfort and convenience of those who have chosen to disregard our immigration system.

The use of razor wire by Texas law enforcement is a crucial deterrent against illegal border crossings. It serves as a physical barrier, intended to protect our citizens and maintain the integrity of our immigration process. Yet, the Biden administration’s Border Patrol agents callously defied this protective measure, clearly signaling their lack of respect for the rule of law.

This video is a stark reminder of the chaos that ensues when our leaders fail to prioritize the safety and security of American citizens.