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BREAKING: Joe Biden’s Ministry Of Truth Is Officially DEAD… For Now



Big news! A federal judge made an important decision against the Biden administration’s Ministry of Truth.

Judge Terry A. Doughty said Biden and his federal law enforcement cronies might have violated our right to free speech. How? By working with (read: intimidating) social media companies to stop people from expressing different opinions.

The judge called this censorship “Orwellian” because, well, it totally is.

Attorneys general from Louisiana and Missouri showed evidence that the White House and other government agencies were trying hard to control what people say. The Washington Post says they were doing this since Biden took office – they didn’t just start when they launched the “Ministry of Truth.”

This decision is a big deal. Judge Doughty said Biden officials can’t talk to social media companies and ask them to remove or hide speech that’s protected by our laws.

This doesn’t mean the government can’t tell social media about crimes or threats to our safety. It’s just meant to stop them from going too far in controlling what we say. The Biden administration tried to stop people from talking about things like vaccines, election integrity, and of course, Hunter’s laptop.

While Judge Doughty’s final ruling is yet to come, this injunction should put a halt to the dangerous alliance between the government and social media companies for now.

Expectedly, the Biden administration claims this collaboration is necessary for national security, but it’s clear that their only intention is to protect themselves by silencing any dissenting voices.

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