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LOL, WTF!? New Pictures Have Us Wondering How Hunter Biden Is Still Alive



We’ve got some jaw-dropping new pictures that reveal even more wild antics of Hunter Biden, President Biden’s trouble-making son.

Selfies show Hunter shamelessly lighting up crack cocaine while cruising the streets of suburban Virginia. But wait, there’s more! It seems like this guy also has a need for speed, capturing himself tearing down the highway at a mind-boggling 172 miles per hour on his way to Sin City.

These are just the latest snapshots to come straight from Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop. It seems that Hunter’s appetite for photographing himself doing illegal stuff, with illegal substances knows no bounds.

Of course, the mainstream media will do their best to sweep these outrageous actions under the rug. But hey, as concerned citizens, it’s our duty to call out this glaring hypocrisy. The Biden family may talk a big game about moral integrity, but their own relative’s debauchery and complete disregard for the law paint a very different picture. It’s time to expose the truth and ensure that Hunter Biden faces the consequences for his actions. The American people deserve honesty, integrity, and accountability—no matter the cost to the political elite.

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